Nanny donates part of liver to toddler she cares for

A Pennsylvania nanny took her care giving one step further when she donated part of her liver to her 16-month-old charge.

Kiersten Miles, 22, had only known the Rosko family for three weeks when she first learned baby Talia had a serious disease that could be fatal without a liver transplant, WTXF reported. Talia’s diagnosis was not disclosed.

“She was 9 months old when I started watching her. She’s so helpless. She can’t tell anyone what’s wrong with her. She can’t spread the word and ask for help,” Miles, a college student, told the news station.

Miles quickly volunteered and the family and their medical team made sure she understood that this was a serious surgery that would disqualify her from donating again, even if she had a child in a similar situation.

“It’s such a small sacrifice when you compare it to saving a life. Some of her doctors said she possibly wouldn’t have made it past 2 years old. All I had to do was be in the hospital for a week and a 5-inch scar. I don’t know, it just seemed like such a small sacrifice to me,” Miles told WTXF.

The transplant was done in about 14 hours and Miles and Talia are both doing well.


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